Migrating On-Prem SQL Server Databases to Azure

When an organization decides to move to cloud the most vital point is moving their databases.

Microsoft has always come forward in helping their clients by providing them appropriate tools and guidance when it comes to moving Azure. There are many different paths to achieve the goal of migration and it will depend upon your requirement (IaaS/PaaS) and data size.

This is going to be my first series of blogs designed to help SQL Server DBA’s when they are given the task to move their on-premise database(s) to cloud.

We’ll see how the migration is done and what all different options we have for migrating to Azure SQL Database, SQL Managed instance and SQL VM.

It is going to be follow along or “How to” kind of series. There are some common pre-requisites for following along:

  1. DMA. Data Migration Assistant tool is designed by Microsoft in assessing the compatibility issues for a database being migrated to not just Azure but also from older version of SQL Server to newer ones. This can be downloaded from here.
  2. Azure subscription. Microsoft provides a free subscription to new users with a credit of 200$. To check if you are eligible check here.

I’ll update this blog as I add new post in the topic of migration to Azure.

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