Always-On: Part 3 – Creating Pre-staged Failover Cluster

In the Part 2 we have seen that having local administrator permission is not enough for building cluster as we need permission at domain. For the permissions required check here.

In this part we will see how we can get pre-stage environment for Creating Cluster.

Step 1

First thing is you need to add the cluster name into the AD Users and Computer, for doing this go to your DC server -> Active Directory Users and Computers -> Right click Computers and select New – Computer. I have named it cluster101.

This is the same name that you will provide in failover cluster wizard.

Once created right click and disable it.

Step 2

Enable the Advanced features from View.

Right Click Computers Folder and select Properties -> Go to Security Tab -> Click on Advanced and then click Add

Add the Cluster101 computer and provide the “Read all properties” and “Create Computer objects” permissions.

Step 3

Now you need to provide the permission to the Domain Account using which you will be creating cluster. Right click cluster101 and provide Full control to the account. For me its admin.

Once that is done lets test building the cluster, go back to the node 1 -> Failover Cluster Manager -> Create Cluster -> Add the servers (node1 and node2 for me) and next. And Bingo we are done and have our cluster created.


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