Stairway to being an Azure SQL DBA

I have been lucky enough to work in an organization where I have got the opportunity to work extensively on Azure. Microsoft has always encouraged people in sharing their knowledge with others, none can survive on it’s own. SQL Server community is the most helpful one of all, I have always been the subscriber of […]


Just an Update

Recently I have been quite busy with multiple different things, being Covid positive is one of that, along with spending time with my two kids and family. I’ll share more information about the things that is keeping me busy some day later. The important thing that I learned in last 3-4 months is I had […]

Scaling Azure SQL Database

When using the Azure SQL Database and you have utilization of your database based upon some trends, like users login more during business hours or the database is being used for reporting purposes for the majority of time and only for small duration of a day or week it’s being having hammered down when doing the loads. It’s better to utilize the DbAAS to the best and scale the database up/down to save cost, it can save you big money.

Just an update.

In the weekend I was just having a quick look on all the blogs I have written so far, and checking all of them gave me two thoughts. I have not given proper examples. Most of the blogs have the GUI interface and not the T-SQL/ PowerShell alternative. And so in coming days I will […]