Script to change SQL Agent job owners

When someone leaves the organization he leaves behind a lot of friends, colleagues, memories and, if he is a SQL DBA, then one or two SQL Server Agent jobs where he is the owner. 🙂

As a best practice we should create the Job with sa as the owner if we don’t have that we can always change the job ownership. One or two can be done manually but when doing the same for multiple jobs it can be tiring. In that case you can use the below script.

#Script to change the job owner from the one in line 13 to sa

IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb.dbo.#SQLAgentOwner', 'U') IS NOT NULL
	DROP TABLE tempdb.dbo.#SQLAgentOwner

CREATE TABLE #SQLAgentOwner (Servername VARCHAR(100), Job_Name VARCHAR(200), Job_Owner VARCHAR(100))

SELECT @@ServerName, , 
	FROM msdb.dbo.sysjobs sj
	INNER JOIN sys.server_principals sp
ON sj.owner_sid = sp.sid
where = 'AccountToChange' -- Change the Account to the one you want to replace with sa

DECLARE @Job_namevar VARCHAR (100)

DECLARE Cursor_ChangeOwner CURSOR
	FOR SELECT Job_Name FROM #SQLAgentOwner

OPEN Cursor_ChangeOwner

FETCH NEXT FROM Cursor_ChangeOwner INTO @job_namevar		

		EXEC msdb..sp_update_job
        @job_name = @Job_namevar,
        @owner_login_name = 'sa'

		FETCH NEXT FROM Cursor_ChangeOwner INTO @Job_namevar

CLOSE Cursor_ChangeOwner

DEALLOCATE Cursor_ChangeOwner

GitHub link.


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