Just an Update

Recently I have been quite busy with multiple different things, being Covid positive is one of that, along with spending time with my two kids and family. I’ll share more information about the things that is keeping me busy some day later.

The important thing that I learned in last 3-4 months is I had to reset the priorities in my life while there could be somethings that you feel important but in actual it could that you never thought what you wanted. What you can do is just take a break ,even a weekend is good, and just think it through where you are spending time and where ever you are spending the most is it actually that important for you and for your life.

It depends upon you how you take whatever is happening in your life whether the blocks in your life are actually blocking you just making you move to a other direction like a mountain does to a river.

Made changes concentrating just not my technical things but have started meditating and started reading books even more

Talking about blogs, I went through a lot of articles, videos and blogs already existed and found that relevant information already exists but its just that people doesn’t know about it.

So I’ll be changing the way I am creating or continuing my Stairway to being an Azure SQL DBA series for filling the relevant articles I wont be spending time on re-writing the articles that already exist but will direct to the articles which I feel covers the topics adding some information from my end only as and when needed.

Live and Learn.

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