Just an Update

Recently I have been quite busy with multiple different things, being Covid positive is one of that, along with spending time with my two kids and family. I’ll share more information about the things that is keeping me busy some day later. The important thing that I learned in last 3-4 months is I had […]

Elastic Pool: What it is?

This is a part of a Series “Stairway to being an Azure SQL DBA“, in which I am planning to cover everything related to working as an Azure SQL DBA. In one of the previous blogs we saw the difference between a Single database and an Elastic Pool. If you have gone through my previous […]

Power BI dashboard from a Web Source

In one of my project, there is an intranet page which is maintained by the Server Team, they have the details like Server Name, purpose, decommission planned date, location, OS and many more columns. As this list is updated continuously every day or week, there is always something changing, and when one has to look […]

Sharing PowerBI Dashboard for free!

I have created repository from a DBA perspective, which includes all the information, and also SSRS reports onto it. The SSRS reports are easy to deploy and share with the other teams as it comes free with Enterprise Edition of SQL Server. I was also working on a PowerBI dashboard to have growth and trendline […]