Just an update.

In the weekend I was just having a quick look on all the blogs I have written so far, and checking all of them gave me two thoughts. I have not given proper examples. Most of the blogs have the GUI interface and not the T-SQL/ PowerShell alternative. And so in coming days I will […]



I am not able concentrate on anything for quite sometime, the fear and restlessness is gripping me over as the count of patients are increasing. I am pretty much sure that its not just me but many who are feeling the pressure. To deviate my thoughts from this I have decided to do the things […]

Starting the blogging journey

It’s been 8 years and 172 days since I started my journey in the field of IT. Started as a developer + admin for a very small organization and then transitioned into core SQL Server DBA and now working as Azure and SQL Admin. Ever since the beginning of my carrier I understood one thing, […]