Just an update.

In the weekend I was just having a quick look on all the blogs I have written so far, and checking all of them gave me two thoughts.

  1. I have not given proper examples.
  2. Most of the blogs have the GUI interface and not the T-SQL/ PowerShell alternative.

And so in coming days I will be focusing more onto updating my blogs and also having a better structure of the blog altogether.

There is another reason for that, I am getting some traction on the series “Stairway to Being an Azure SQL DBA”, it has been quite difficult to write some past days due to the work commitments but now I am getting a hang of writing, and thinking of getting this series wrapped up sooner than later.

New Learning

I am always ready and committed to learn new things, not leaving my core skills behind.

Currently I am pursuing Snowflake, and the more I delve into the functioning and ease, the more clearer it becomes why it is gaining so much traction in the Datawarehouse community.

Some update about me

After failing the Az 3oo once, I was finally able to clear that beast in the second attempt. I had cleared 301 back in the month of June itself. And so by clearing both the papers I have finally got the Azure Solution Arhictect certificate.

While the current series is still work-in-progress I am thinking of what the next one should be. There are many options to work on but thinking of something which will be more helpful to others and might be able to fill in the gaps.

That’s all for today, no technical blog this time. Thanks!


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